Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Software Development Lifecycle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Software Development Lifecycle - Essay Example The company established various departments including marketing & sales, manufacturing, customer services, research and development, administration, and human resource and so on to handle different operations and products. The structure of the company is complicated due to its global operations and products diversification. Apple Inc has a lower level managers and middle level mangers based in different parts of the world and dealing with different issues. This complexity has posed major challenges in disseminating information across various supervisors at different levels. System Analysis The use of information system in organizations like Apple enables them to screen and obtain data from the surroundings, capture data from business operations, separate, control, select and disseminate information to the supervisors more frequently as required for decision making (Whitman & Mattord 2011, p.53). Availability of information to the managers of Apple Inc is vital for effective operation s of the company. Therefore, information system enables Apple Company to increase its competence by coordinating the activities of all the workers in various departments and in different locations to ensure they pursue common objectives of the organization (Mark 2006). Training information system enables Apple Company to achieve its objectives through standardized information. Approaches used by Apple Inc to acquire information from the employees The system analyst will have to enquire from the employees on challenges they face with the present system in the organization (Whitman & Mattord 2011, p.574). The employees will provide details of their encounters and give suggestions on what they want like to be changed in the current system (Taylor 2004, p.38). In order to achieve this, the analyst may utilize either one or a combination of approaches that will enable them to get that information from the employees and other system users (Barry & Lang 2009, pp.289). These approaches incl ude interviews, questionnaires or employees diaries. The analyst will enquire from the system users on what they think is best in the current system and require no change and what they think is not doing well as expected and need some change (Whitman & Mattord 2011, p.83). The analyst should also examine the knowledge employees have regarding the system operation and the availability of expertise either internally or externally to offer the required knowledge about the new system after it has been developed and adopted in the company (Beynon 2009, p.14). During the interview, the system users will be required to explain how they acquired training and the name of the trainer including whether they were internal or sourced from outside the organization (Shelly & Vermaat 2009, p.141). During the interviewing process, the analyst may use phone calls, video, social media or face to face interviewing in order to reach different users located in various places (Song 2011, p. 83). The use o f interview method to acquire information about the current system in Apple organization is quite expensive due to diversity of the employees and size of the organization (Whitman & Mattord 2011, p.92). Furthermore, some employees may not be open to give all their experiences or may not be able to recall all the essential details. However, this can be

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